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well yesterday i met up with katie and melanie and we went to jorys and watched his tapes from china, they were wy cool times 958345...then after we went to the toast and jam battle of the bands in edgemont or something, and patricks band played...and they were good, except brocks mike essed up and it was lame...and yeah...there was some good music, we went to tm hortons on the way home, i was so hungry..

today i woke up at like 12, got ready and went to meet alex at southland, it was sorta awkward, you know but then it was cool, we went to sunnyside station and met with Eric<3...then went to go to chicken on the way but decided it was gross and went to td square for lunch. we ate then went around for a bit, hehe then threw berries at the mateing turtles, they were so cuuute, then me and alex took the bus home and eric stayed to wait for his.

i dont want eric to move, he is so cool, and im sad.

aex is real cool, and im glad we met, hopefully we will see each other before school, but i leave to gay bc tomorrow for like 2 weeks hsajsbfhafhjs


7:53 p.m. - 2004-08-13


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