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so im in edomonton right now..we got here yesterday and stopped at my grandmas and grandpas then went to floating stone lake, my auntie has a cabin there...so we were there and we woke up and ate breakfast and we were all just sitting there and this police man came with this ladie..i thought my auntie was getting caught for her satelite haha but he was like, peter hiel (my uncle) was trying to get a hold of you, your mother has passed away. like. what/ i just saw her last night. its so weird. its like, she was waiting to see us one last time, cause the rest of the family lives here in edmonton. i dont know what to think. im sad, but then i guess she was going through a hard time, and its better for my grandpa now with his cancer, cause he can take care of himself. and he was putting all his energy into helping my grandma. they made this ring for grandma a while ago, they were going to give it to her on her 50th anniversery, but now they are giving it to my mom. every ones in shock cause they thought it would be grandpa, but he is so strong, he has so much left in him, i think this is good for him,but hes so upset. ive cryed so much today. it makes me cry even harder seeing scott cry. it doesnt seem real. like, not seeing her, her not being here. i wonder what it will be like to landon and logan, they arent here. i guess its good were in edomont, everyones here together, all the family. but my grandpa wanted this big 50th anniv. party and now he wont have it..skfhsdbg, i just.asjkhfjisadgkj

i love you grandma, and grandpa

7:07 p.m. - 2004-09-05


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