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yesterday was pretty fun, i talked to science boys a bit?..and uhm said hi to john shaw <3..i almost got egged again i just got out of the way. went to the mall, with no money and saw alex and her friend. i took the bus home cause me and mel were going to go to the show, but we didnt have a ride home, and alex wanted to come to so we invited her, and her mom picked us up. alex knew so many people, shes a cool one..there was this boy gerri and he was cute, and i saw read, though i dont know him..but he was cute. ten second epic was good, we bought a shirt and cddd.....uhm and today i have no voice and am sick? and im mad cause i have this big thing that i have to figure out. cause my moms in edmonton and she comes home at 7, and chad wants me to go over at 6..and science boy will be there, and i want pam to go, but i think she had a sleepover at lanes so she wont be able to have one at mine, and usguhg

12:36 p.m. - 2004-09-11


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