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i was taping my room cause im painting it checkered. i liked today, i spent it with my brother mostly. i like being with him, well we went to the bank to get money then had to go to superstore to get his pictures from his trip, they are funny. and then i ran into david cause he works there, and it was sort of awkward, and my brother waved to him haha. so many people think david is cute. and then my brother was hungry so we went to mcdonalds and had a big talk about stuff...and then stopped at the liquir store, for bens and then to macs and he bought me a slurpee. sometimes its like, hes my friend? cause we sing to moneen and motion city soundtrack together in the car, except hes good at singing. eric isnt coming to night..im sad, i wanted to show off my new friend to my old ones...im going to pick up the ladies in an hour and going to chinook. i dont know about tonight. ughh and im like, boy crazy. i should stop. i will hurt myself.

4:02 p.m. - 2004-09-18


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