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uhmm so, my weekend was alright, went to spencers on friday after school and we went to willow park so they could go see old people and stuff then went back to his house, his brother hung out with us too, they are all really nice, i like hanging out with them, plus they are cute, BONUS// but we had towel whipping wars and they really hurt...then i went to kristins for a fire for a bit and walked home cause yeah but katie saw me and gave me a ride <3...then on sat i had dance in the morning then did nothing till melissa called and we went and met chad rhys nick and brad at 711 and went to stefs. and i really dont think im going to drink anymore, i was talking to taylor about it and you know what, hes right, and when i saw everyone last night, i thought of what an idiot i must have been like before, and how dumb and useless it is, sure if your depressed you turn to booze sometimes. it makes it worse, and you should really get over stuff sober. so we were at stefs for a bit then went to kristins for a fire, and i had to share a chair and the fire was hot, then i had to leave and melissas mom gave me a ride..then i went to bed...then this morning my mom woke me up really early cause they were going to the run for the cure breast cancer thing, and wanted me to go, but then she said i didnt have to, and i didnt want to really, but then i thought about it, and how much it means to her, and i went, and im glad. i wish someone came with me like, someone fun like spencer or someone to talk to, cause i listened to music the whole time, but i was in such a daze i didnt hear it..and then we went to ikea and i got stuff for my room, then yeah ive been talking to people. and i was in this really good convo and they left. and i was upset.

5:25 p.m. - 2004-10-03


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