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bears and ballerinas

mmm.. today at dinner my mom was upset, you could tell she had been crying and i asked what was wrong and she just said "her life" i thought me. but like, tell me whats wrong if you want things to get better? so later on that night she was still upset and i asked her again. and she said it is really hard when your parents pass away and shes really worried about grandpa. i dont want to think that grandpa can get through everything/ cause i dont know if he will. dont let my hopes up/...ugh im still grasping for words to explain whats all going through my head. today at dance i felt so sick. have you ever felt so tired. and just so not good, you want to cry? just lay there and cry, theres a reason i feel so crumy. but i cant find what it is, and it makes things so confussing.
other than that, today was alright, took the bus bymyslef. i hate when you know someone, not well though and they sit beside you and you have to talk to them, and you dont get to listen to your music. and then i had classes. nothing interesting..lunch was lunch went with melissa and kristin and then talked to spencer and luke. taylor had really cute shorts and spencer had a pink shirt <3/ and yea thats really it.. kszfkb? im going to bed i think i just need sleep

9:38 p.m. - 2004-10-04


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