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im mad. about lots of things. but mostly about how people are being gay about how i hang out with spencer. you know what, i really dont even want to hang out with them anymore if everyones going to be gay like that..i shouldnt care what everyone thinks, but i do cause its not true and just makes me mad. if i just wanted to hang out with taylor why would i waste my time with spencer and luke, oviously i think their cool and i like hanging out with them. eff. and i hate how other people, who have nothing to do with it think the same thing, how would they know, they dont even usually talk to me, they act like a bitch to me, talk to me when no ones around but give me stares in the halls,
and my moms been in the worst mood ever, and seems to take everything out on me. my marks arent good enough. 71 in science, its better than last year and this year is alot harder. God. she just, thinks i dont care about anything, she so sjkfadgjkbkjgd.

2:17 p.m. - 2004-10-09


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