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today was alright, bus starbucks school gayness lunch at sev school spencers bens car home home home kristin streets kelens for a bit home,computer. my days are so interesting. well they actually have been lately, spencers was fun with luke and taylor EXCEPT they effing throw stuff at me so hard and goodness im going to have welts all over me when i wake up tomorrow. sometimes it hurtss ALOT like, crying but i suck it up cause there boys...and yes there was this weird man in a purple outfit yesterday HOTstufffff...and uhm yes..kelens was alright kory and sean wyatt and like sam were all there. adam was there and he was being really nice, hes a real cool guy. and haha we snuck into melissas backyard, funniest thing EVER kristin was really funny i like doing stuff with her, and UGHH GUESS WHAT SPENCER IS LIIGHTER THAN ME cause im an effing fatty, so im sticking to greens. actually no 10$ says im eating at mcdonalds tomorrow. well maybe like wendys, i ate at mcdonalds last night, no jokes there, HAHA and today ahha i had frys. and wow this is a long message about nothing.
BOYSS URHHHHH they make me so confussed haha theres so many and i never know whats going on anskdbgjkbdjg
my mom leaves to edmonton tomorrow, im sort of glad, well not to be mean, just shes been giving me a hard time lately and its been putting me in a bad mood, like i hate when the last thing you hear before you go to school is "whats wrong with you.." or something like that. and all my friends are all over its hard to keep track, some are up to no good and its sort of dumb but you know, they make their own choices and there still cool
man im so tired. goodnight computer

12:24 a.m. - 2004-10-16


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