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uhm. i havent written for awhile so i am just going to write about nothing. today was alright. uhmm bus was so packed and i just talked to mel the whole way to school about dance. it was nice cause i got out all my stress and felt nice. then i had gym and it was gay like always then i had science and had the effing hardest test ever. and everyone was done early so they just left. and i was alone with this chinese girl. then lunch and i saw stl and went with my friend sam for a sec and when they came back they were gone and i was sad. so i kinda just walked around with sam, hes cute i like his jacket.and yes then drama with LUKA and we talked about stuff.. we always talk about stuff...and then social which was bad, i think sean is going to transfer schools, it makes me sad, were tight? anyways after school i talked to stl and then went home with katie and we talked about stuff to, im so open with people now. its not really a good thing, im sure ill get hurt soon, ill just wait for it

6:16 p.m. - 2004-10-18


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