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rocket city

I havent seen melanie and katie in so long, i miss them dearly and our casual playdates.
i love those casual lunches that i have sometimes, when its just me and one other person, and you dont really think about things cause everythings so comfortable. i miss the lunch i had with sam. I hate the feeling when you run into someone on the bus but your to shy to even look at them in the eye.I hate the feeling where your being serious with someone and you cant look them in the eye. I hate having nothing to talk about, i hate my brother and how he calls me a bitch. Ihate my social teacher and how i just got 13/20 on a fricken easy assignment. I love when you you dont really hang out with someone, but you have this thing, where you can just talk to them about anything and urh. I Hate how my brother always makes me get off this..

7:11 p.m. - 2004-10-27


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