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last night was halloween. it was alright it would have been so boring if mel didnt come over...well we dressed up, in our like, arobics outfits haha and ran around and scared people and took pictures and walked around, and we went into safeway and looked through costumes and talked really loud, about how halloween was going to be so fun (we were pretending we thought halloween was today) and yeah it was funny..and uhmm then we went to her house, then back to mine, and then we drove her home. i was so tired at school today, i almost fell asleep on the bus, school was so boring, and i felt like i had no one to talk to, everyone was in there little groups and there was me trying to put a few words in random conversations. brett came today haha, hes such a nice guy, to bad hes back with kayla. again. goodness

4:46 p.m. - 2004-11-01


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