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today was alright, had school..science gym lunch (with who ever i ran into, zac, sean, ecttt) then i had social and drama. After school i went to spencers and we hung out for a while and waiting for taylor to have his guitar lesson. then yeah after hide and go seek scott came to pick me up and came home to eat, later spencer luke and taylor were spossed to come over for like, the first time, but they werent aloud to go out so i sat around for a long time then ended up going to wyatts house with kroli, later sean and sam came then kelsey melissa and kristin, i love melissa and kristin, there like the most fun, funniest girls everr...we tryed to play poker and the boys just played risk and we hung out for a while till melissas sister came to pick us up. yeah and thats pretty much it, i was mad that spencer tay and luke didnt come over, there always like i dont know, just whatever i guess

11:35 p.m. - 2004-11-10


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