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grand theft autumn?

so uhh long time since i have wrote in here. actually not really but it seems like it cause ive been GROUNDED all this time because of dumb school. its been lonely without you computer.
SO ABOUT my emergency right now. MELANIEEEE what is your silly phone number, I DONT KNOW IT CAUSE YOU MOVED and oh goodness how am i spossed to call you back, and the SHOW ahsvf
anyways my week has been slow, and i dont know. i havent really talked to spencer or taylor lately and only luke usually just in drama..it seems like were not even friends anymore? and after school they are always so qiuet and dont even talk much..i think they should stay for lunch one day, they always go to lukes so i havent seen then since...uhh dont know like last week.. but i guess they are tight friends so whatever.
Today was alright, i got ready for school so quickly and melissa came to pick me up, had gym first thing and sat by nick, then walked to science with Vyatt, and science was boring me and kristin just talked, ate lunch with robbie!!! ekkkkk he is one of the nicest guys i have ever mettt, im spossed to call him tomorrow, and uhmm yeah went to tim hortons with katie after school and ran into katie k and her friend so that was niceee...and me and katie talked about everything like usual then i went to macs and got a slurpee and here i am. ...so yeahhh uhhh i hope i do something fun this weekend, im sure the show will be, i havent seen melanie in a while! ehh so yes!!!!

3:58 p.m. - 2004-11-19


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