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ekk, well last night was pretty lame. I guess all the friends i thought i have arent really that good of friends..except mel of course fcc came to the rescue. I phoned melissa and she was doing math so she said shed phone after, and it was 8 and she still didnt phone, and kelsey wasnt on, so i phoned melissa and she wasnt home. and wyatt left to kellans and said he would phone when he was there..so i waited...alot then finally melanie phoned!! so i met her and lane at macs and we walked to kellans, and they said kelsey and melissa were there. i dont know, i was dissapointed?..they were like "ooohh sorry we forgot, oh we dont like you annyways so its ok" but whatever and wyatt said he phoned like 5 minutes before i got there but my mom said no one phoned. Almost everyone was drinking there and it was sort of annoying cause i was in a bad mood. even wyatt was drinking. andd yeah didnt really do anything just hung around and all, i felt really bad for kellan and he looked so upsett...then kelsey was crying, probably cause of me, SEE im just this big problem. Melissas mom drove me and kristin home after watching the boys light themselves and their crotches on fire..and yeah. It felt like the night was a waste, sorta cause nothing happend and people were being so gay..but thanks mel for inviting me, fcc/......then i came home, and did nothing talked to kids and other kids, and derek <3 ekkk so cute. and then i uhh went to bed. then today i did nothing, then walked to the movie store with my mom AND SHE RENTED LITTLE MERMAID 2. SO embarrasing. goodness...well thats all for now

6:55 p.m. - 2004-11-21


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