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today was pretty good, i was in a pretty bad mood most of the day though, missed my bus and waited like fricking half an hour, and came really late for my first class, which was gym and we were dancing, so i danced with cody, then nick stepped in, i love nick...then i uhh had science then went to go eat lunch but of course tay and luke went to lukes and spencer went home..so i just ate with the girls, then i uhhh had drama then social, after school luke was wack and went home and taylor came with me and katie to our hood, stopped at katies then he bank, then went to subway then we walked to my house and uhh it was boring cause my house is dumb, then my brother and his friend sorta talked to us and we ordered a pizza and watched this video thing then we drove taylor home, then i uhhh went to melissas house!!! and a whole bunch of people were there and we went in the hot tub and all the guys were effing naked it was funny..but sick JJ kept telling me how he wanted to beat me up at chads. then we just hung out in her house and joel was all over the dogs and chad and JJ had slap fights outside haha then i uhhh ran home cause i was scared and got mad cause luke is being wack and keeps telling taylor and spencer everything even when he tells me he wont. i shouldnt have ever thought he wouldnt tell anyone. god.

11:52 p.m. - 2004-12-03


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