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sweet dreams jonathan

boring day. it doesnt really feel like christmas, and im sure not in the mood. i actually dont know whats wrong with me. im just a grumpy person i guess. but things keep bugging me and i cant let go of it.FRICK. i just want to scream in a pillow realllllllly loud. cant people be nice, i hate when your mad at someone or something along those lines, and they know it, but they dont care, LIKE BE NICE. if it was me, i would try to act nicer?...try to say sorry..i dont know something instead of being gay/and thats not just to one person, thats to all you dumb people out there....
urghh anyways...danced, shopped, decorated, wrapped presents..today i realized that its the last week of school before holidays. fast huh..but im not really excited..well yeah/
my brothers playing sims and its funny, the person he made really lukes like him.
goodness. im excited to talk to jasooooooooonnnnnn and go to 711 EKK hes so cute..and uhmm yes. goodnight.

11:57 p.m. - 2004-12-11


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