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welllllllllllllllll tonight was really fun. we went to the life at last show and melanie brought her friend gabby with us, we kinda got lost again but we got there and there were lots of people i knew, but didnt talk to..gabby hung out with brandy most of the night and me and melanie just went of randomly. gerri was there and ekk..haha yeah, and dane, who i met, he goes to melanies school and hes really hot, and he has an identical twin sooooooo awsome, except i didnt get to see him cause he wasnt there, but no dane was really cute and i hope i get to talk to him so i can hang out with him more, cause i mean we made friends fast and stuff...then there were other like melanies friend cody...and i bought melanie the filmmaker cd for part of her birthday gift. .and jon gerrard sooo incredibly hot, and soo god, i really like alivia and him <3 haha...anyways after me and mel had a descusion with some random skin head we got a ride home from some kid named eric who goes to mels school, and he was really nice, and his friend had a lisp and it was cute
and yeah it was funnnnn
i hope me and melanie hang out lots on the break

1:07 a.m. - 2004-12-18


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