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poka dots and beef

uhmm yeah so last night i ended up going to chads house for this big dinner with all his family and wyatts family and such. it was pretty fun, melissa brought me, and joel and wyatt were there..and chads like uncle to be? has a texan accent and is so nice and made the boys carry our plates. then uhhmm i went home and to bed. then this morning i went to melissas and we watched the breakfast club and joel made pancakes. i didnt eat them, uhh i think you know why. then uhhhhh i came home and got ready for melanies DINNER....we went to 17th early so we could get melanie the coheed and cambria cd for katie. theres so many cds i wanted. BUT anyways. the dinner was sooo cool, and fun and good. i really liked it melanie is so cool haha eeekk, she got a really cool jacket from her brother too.
uhhhh i dont know what to do know. its already 11 though..
i guess uhh listen to musiccccccc
hcoreeeee? not.

11:02 p.m. - 2004-12-20


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