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FRICK FRICK FRICK. katie got her fricken license today. intense/
in this moment i have only, 2 friends. katie and melanie
yeaaaa sad, but you know, im not a socializing person..? uhh i know, what happened. i think i changed alot? in a way, not with my friends but with other people..i just am never enthusiastic and happy and loud and frick. im still annoying though.
i want to just hang out with my brother all day, or my brother and his drunk friends. its so fun, hah the other night scott picked up bishop taurean and ed and they were all tanked and it was so funny, and ed and bish kept trying to tickle and hug my brother and made fun of my scarf and sang and drank my pop. they are such nice guys. my brother has really great friends.
rahhhh i feel i need to talk about something, but i dont know what it is..
i wish i could hang out with allll the boys i think are cute, right now
even though im a mess and sick and will give them rabies. but you know, i can dream

1:49 p.m. - 2004-12-22


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