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well frickk

well pretttttty cool day i must say!!! i mean, i atleast left the house
went to southcenter with melanie and katie...and got jeans! and makeup and a sweater. and melanie got this naked angel thing haha and it took her so long to pick it out. and we had gross cardboard pizza soooo gross and i was emrith and EDWARDO haha<33 hahhaha
we visited gerri at west49..hes so funny! and always make me happy cause hes so happy. and uhhh denis was there! with austin and a boy billy..and someother random people and they were playing nintendo. i really like denis shoes they are cute. maybe/hopefully we will hang out..but melanies going to fricken grande prarie tomorrow and she wants to hang out too.. uhhmmm jon was working<3 hes so cute, i wish i knew him good.
me and melanie saw soooo many cute boys at the mall today, it was insane! and that boy who drove us home the one night was there! haha...then i came home and went to a movie with heather and maryanne it was alright..then heather came over and we watched viva la bam and watched the really hot skateboarder guy alot cause hes funny. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfhfhhfsa i want to go do something fun.
im going to find the best plans and have the most awsome newyears night EVER..i better find a cool party with cute boys!!!hehehehhe

12:25 a.m. - 2004-12-27


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