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ahh lame day. this morning i watched grind for the 9463th time. you cant get sick of adam brody and many other hot guys.. then i uhh knitted frick i suck you should see my scarf ive been contimplating throwing it out, but ..yeah oh well ill just have a messed up scarf.
went to market mall and walked around didnt get anything..my brother took somestuff back...AHH i dont know what to get with all my money!!!!......yeah then i went to lucianos? uhh yeah and it was alright except i had an appetizer and my meal came with a salad. and after that i was to full to eat the rest! haha oh well...lunch for tomorrow!
DOCtors appointment tomorrow! im kinda f nervous.doctors!! i hope nothings wrong with me. wish me luck..
uadhhhh melanie is gone and i have nothing to do. i will make a little melanie doll and carry her around with me. i cannot part with my dearest love

9:21 p.m. - 2004-12-28


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