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wellllllll....katie came over and we watched a video..then it was good and we also watched my other videos and laughed really hard. katie gets what i laugh at its funnnn...then she went home, and we ate..then katie came and picked me up and we went to rogers. and they didnt have any of the 4 movies we were looking for, so we went to blockbusters and they didnt either! what rip off. we made mean comments then left. katie is funny at parking i laughed alot..hahahaha.. uhmm then yeah we watched a movie at her house then scott picked me up and we did this rap thing even though we both dont like it. and he did a little piano solo. he good and fake painos...scott reads this. scott . scott .scott
WHAT AM I GOING TO DOFOR NEWYEARS. i think my reselution is to not get so caught up in my own thoughts...and i dont know..
frick i hate how when people say something and it ruins something..its just not the same..rahh

im really excited for newyears alot alot alot alot...i better go somewhere

11:55 p.m. - 2004-12-29


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