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..let me just get you another glass of bitch

soo uhhhhh tonight will be so...cool.
well katie and pam are coming over..then daniell, and heather and shes bring julia. im scared shes like the besssstttt dancer at counterpoint and its weird. i suck..and shes going to come to my house and see my life haha its probably not as cool as hers. sooo katies driving her? so if things are a smooth sailing were going to try to go out, the only problem is WHERE TO GO. well im sure we will find somewhere..
my brothers friends will be coming over too, so it will be a packed house but im excited. im not going to kiss any of them, i wish i had a boy to kiss..specially this one guys, but yeah no.
i hate how people say. thats so emo, im so emo, is this emo enough? are you mentally retarded. please just shhh

5:19 p.m. - 2004-12-31


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