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happy fricken newyear.....
what a waste of a night, im really pissed off tonight was such a dissapointment..i mean things were pretty cool but still....my mom had people over so we went in katies car and stopped at stefs and i went in but she wouldnt let us all in...taylor was there from like esc it was weird!! he goes to scarlette again. so we went back home cause we also werent aloud to chris's/ so yeah we called eric and rachel and they said we could come to stefs and when we did they wouldnt let us in again and some bitch slammed the door on our face. and like..random weird people were there frickkkk im so pissed off. we just came home and watched the oc and yelled and screamed. haha frick
URGHHHHHHHHHH i had a spelling test tonight haha i won. FRICK FRICK FRICKKKKKK thats all i say now. frick everything is frick...
oh well i guess its a fresh new year..im excited, im going to straighten myself up this year...try a little hard and maybe my year wont be so bad and some certain things will end up good.
boys hopefully
i didnt kiss anyboys tonight...oh wait yeah i did, heather

1:23 a.m. - 2005-01-01


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