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well im off

soo uhh last night my brother came home at like..4:30 sooo drunk with his two friends edwardo and jason. it was sort of weird cause i dont know jason...but they were so funny and my brother was freaking out at them and jason was drinking all our water and ed was playing acoustic SOO loud. i was watching the oc and ed made me take it downstairs and we all watched it and i made fun of their drunkness theyre so stupid..then everyone fell asleep and it was just me and ed and he fell asleep in like 2 seconds haha so i just slept on the couch upstairs. no way i was sleeping down there...but like..by the time i went to sleep my grandpa came downstairs...soo i went up stairs and it was 7! haha so i just slept in till 2 oclock and when i woke up no one was home freakkky.. but scott came home, hes going to bishops tonight to get drunk again haha im going to tell him to bring me. Its only 5ish and its so dark! i had a nice little talk with johnston last night, well sorta but i thought it was nice. hes such a great guy...what he does and stuff..i wish i could be more like him, hes so considerate and makes people just so happy.. sometimes i wish i could see the world through someone elses eyes

5:17 p.m. - 2005-01-01


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