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fruit punch

sooo today was alright. it was so freaking cold at the bus stop and chad was there just in a hoodie! haha but kristin drove past and picked us up. uhm robbie was at school!!...i had drama first and we did so incredibly bad. what if we mess up at the drama showcase....crap. i hate memorizing lines..anyways at lunch me and pam went to starbucks and came back with katie and me and pam just wondered around and i was trying to show her this guy haha and they saw us it was akward. i still dont think she knows who i was talking about, had gym and they did stupid testing but me and nick are beyond brilliant dancers so A+++++++++...science was dumb we watched a movie and i actually watched it..then came home and my jacket smelt bad cause i had rotten oranges in my locker. my locker...its going to be a lonely locker as soon as sean leaves! which is next semester. thats the worst, hes the best guy everrrrrrrrand my totally cool locker parnterkhajbd and also denis is leaving...rahhh i didnt even see him today
anyways dance tonight..till ten ouch? and im probably going to pull everysingle muscel, atleast i have pointe first.
my brother got an ipod.
im going to jack that shit

4:32 p.m. - 2005-01-04


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