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today was pretty cool...
uhmm school? early? even though i woke up late...and missed melissa calling me to go for breakfast.. had gym and worked on my guns...then science lunchhh with yeah randoms and Katie! ahaha shes funny!...dramaaa social then pammmmm we took the bus to her house and ate then walked cause the friggen bus went by...so we stopped at dq cause we were freezing and joel melissa and chad were there...so we talked and ate and i got 2 dollars for eating this thing haha....later we walked to heritage and to chinook...my feet were so coldddd so we went and tryed shoes on...and spent an hour in buffalo cause the guy there made pam try on every pants possible..so random him and pam were argueing like they new each other a 37538 yearsss soo funny, he reminded me of joe..but she bought pants and we went to tna madness store and melanie kelly and sionade showed up!!! it was a really nice suprise i was glad they came! i got my shirt and we saw lane, and patrick then took the bus back home.
mel came over and scott and all his friends were here haha and they left..so we went to dq and they were there so we ate with them then went home and nothing was frickin going on so we watched viva ka bam with everyone haha it was fun...edwardo was yelling at him mom and started yelling in spanish haha and he started laughing and his mom thought he was drunk.......then went with scott to drop off mel..its was a pretty good night. quality time with cfc.
anyways...dance in the morning?..basket ball game??

11:39 p.m. - 2005-01-07


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