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well, things have been boring this week, i feel like a zombie or something.
...today i went to tutorial..and other classes which were really boring..i didnt really eat with anyone, just talked to people, and sat with nick and johnston and logan for a bit, logan would not SHUTUP about his stupid paintball gun he just got.
i didnt really have a fun night at the showcase, it was i dont know, people were being real gay..that really pretty grade 11 julia i think? performed and aimee and ellie.
urghh this week has been awful, i just dont know why.. i havent done anything fun, i havent seen melanie and my moms been yelling at me. and it sucks when your friends are upset to cause you have to make sure their good....
rahhhhh i think my moms going to make me go to school or friday too....
frick frick frick.
boys are dumb.
and i hate people who dont ever talk to you, even when your standing with them...and i hate how now when i see those people we just walk past eachother in the halls, its pretty gay, like we never were friends. and i also hate how some friends are too close...i guess im just mad cause im not close with them, but frickkk

4:23 p.m. - 2005-01-12


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