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dance dance dance the ..

i dont even know what the movie is called but i know i am NEVER WATCHING IT..cause of logan. hes been talking about it the last week and brought it to school today, its some random about a pingeon.ughhh the funniest is how sean p gets so pissed off..
melissa drove me to school this morning, thank god. and i went home during forth period because i felt sick...i wish my dad didnt come so soon so i could talk to johnston more (he wasnt doing gym)..but he was there.
school was same old..pretty lame,
dave put laxitaves in ms.paletz coffee..that was sorta funny, she found it at the bottom of her cup though and got really angry and called us assholes and gaves us tons of homework....i have to go to school tomorrow, i hope someone comes with me, or maybe i will drag melanie along..uhmm oh man i dont know what im going to do tomorrow..
today everyone was playing bloody knucles..it was sort of gross, alanas were so bad and i was with robbie and his were like dripping blood, and he got hit and the coin splatterd blood it was gross then our lunch lady snapped and locked us in it was scary. robbies such a nice guy, i like eating lunch with him!
today i walked past the doors at lunch and he didnt even look at me.
...dance tonight, im stopping at katies to get chem notes??uighhakskng!

4:44 p.m. - 2005-01-13


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