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today was alright, went to old school with katie mel and aimee. it was weird cause before i went i left mel a message asking if she was coming and hope she was in the car and when i went outside she was in the car!...anyways so yeah then we had school (aimee and I) and just ate pizza and played stupid games all class..it was lame and slack but yeah. then social. my teacher was flipping shit on everyone cause of what happened the other day, im glad it wasnt me. but today i started talking about something after she made a remark and she told me i was totally off subject and immature, even though shes the one who asked david how old he was because he asked her a dumb question. she could have just answered him.
my whole family was being mean to me when i got home,except my father, but they seriously yell at me for the stupidest things..and like my mom told me to print off the my resume so i went to go downstairs and shes like WHAT ARE YOU GOING DOWN THERE FOR..like frick honestly/ and im in a bad mood because i know ill be stuck her for the next whole 7 days doing nothing but studying. i cant wait till monday
party party party wit da cru?

6:35 p.m. - 2005-01-17


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