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i dont really have much to write about, last night i drank alot of coffee so i could study, and it actually worked, i was so awake..but anyways i finally went to bed and i kept hearing this noise..so i turned up my music really loud but then i found it was my back packing slowing slidding down the wall off my chair, it was weird. then i woke up early??...and i was planning on taking the bus to school today but my dad cancled a meeting so he could drive me?..i feel bad, hes the best though.. so i have to go to some random review...poor sean david and mike probably wont be there (they got suspended for putting laxitives in her drink)..
uhh, OH im really excited8126 i might go to my brother friends party on friday because my brother is playing! with like taurean and tom (i dont know where tom came back from..but i dont like his singing)..hopefully my brother sings...but their just doing covers...my brother hoprs everyone is drunk haha..maybe melanie if shes not busy will stop with me.
...anyways im outtt

10:35 a.m. - 2005-01-19


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