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tomorrows yesterday

had an okay day, had da kids come over and ate, and played tony hawk..haha me and mel, and uhh watched napoleon dynamite?...then pam and mel stayed for supper than pam left so we played tony hawk and went past the time we were spossed to leave haha we drove to taureans house on good timing and watched my brother play some songs..their so funny and this one guy was so happy haha he didnt even know the words but kept singing..
ben was being mean. he pushed me really hard when i was talking to ed and i hit over a mic and fell..it hurt so much it was so embarrasing..but hes mean and called me a bitch, took my braclet then got pissed off cause when i tryed to take it back he spilt this wine shit all over his shirt haha, but taurean, being such a smart man put this shit on it and washed it haha...yeah than anyways that was pretty much it...scott kept getting mad at me and everyone else because they thought he broke something..then he got a bleeding nose on the white rug..what a retard, so i put my jacket under him and it was all bloody and uhh..gross/
drove home and melanie lipped off little kids hahaha katie locked the windows so she opened the door...then yeah im home....
i think me and melanie are doing something with denis on monday or tuesday!! im really excited

10:50 p.m. - 2005-01-21


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