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you and me go fishing in the dark..

im so tired. haha i just read the box above this thing and it says "lets all hold hands until Mary Kate gets better." hahah uhh...k
anyways i was in canmore this weekend it was ok, i got a rock necklace haha and we bought this necklace for a friend and read this thing and its spossed to bless your baby in the womb hahahaha so uhh i dont know what we'll do with it.
uhmmm nothing really else to say I GOT A CFC BRACLET its sweet.
anyways school tomorrow, im excited to see whos all in me classes! i tryed to switch into journalism but i didnt get innnn..so i have other stuff
Liam added me to msn!?!?!? but im to tired to talk to anyone so im outa hereee

3:43 p.m. - 2005-01-30


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