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falling and failing

today was pretty cool. i had to wake up early and picked up melissa and chad. then we did grade nine tours, my scene thing sucked ass and courtney kept on forgeting what she was doing. kiels such a fag he thinks he so awsome because he got to perform on the mainstage...well i dont really care, i didnt even really want to do tours at all...im not a drama fag wannabe, like seriously. he was dancing and all of my friends were laughing at him cause he looked so dumb.
anyways afterwards i took the bus to melanies school, but i got on the wrong thing, but i made it there like 2 minutes late and met her, her schools cute, with alot of cute boys. sean was there! i was really excited, hes so cute and nice, but hes sort of changed? i saw dane. hes really cute, but i was to shy to talk to him or stand with melanie when he was talking to her. now were at melanies and i think were going to my house to play starwars battlefront...then alivia tonight...
she has cute clothes and jeans.
uhmm what was i going to say! ohhh im going to go buy stuff for valentines and give it out to all the cute ..i hope i get something!

2:24 p.m. - 2005-02-11


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