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i was reading my brothers paper thats sitting on the table and i can't think. seriously its one of the best papers ive read and reallllllly confusing? i geuss its for philosophy and its "a look into the external world"...frick its crazy stuff..its all " objects are only in existence as they are being percieved and that there must be something percieving all things at all times in order for things to be in consistant existance." and "senses decieve, and it is prudent never to trust competely those who have deceived us even once" and it goes on like that for a good 6 pages
anyways me and mel came to my house played starwars then went to the show with scott and ed....bronson was there! hes so cute...and austin and ect ect....it was pretty good, alot of cute boys i must say. alivia was really good, even with john missing..the other john was reallly good too..after me and mel just walked to second cup but it was closed, and there was puke everywhere...i felt like barfing.
now im in a bad mood and ready to go to bed.
i dont want to go to dance tomorrow, i dont even feel like waking upppp

11:51 p.m. - 2005-02-11


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