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i just thought about something..and its weird, but im not going to talk about it cause the person will deny it ect. ect.
SPENCER WROTE ME A VALENTINES CARD..it was pretty much the only actual one i got, it was really nice! thanks spencer you made my day!.....oh and travis a robbie, they made me really nice little cards.
i handed out valentines day cards..and i sprayed them with nice smelling stuff! hehe..hope you liked them lovass
anyways....awwww spencer leaves wed. so we cant hang out because he has swimming tomorrow and i have dance for pretty much most of the night.
hopefully me and luke will hang out or something..but he never wants to if its just us...
anyways..uhmm i have dance tonight, then chocolate fondu??! mmmm...
i gave bronson a valentines...i was embarrased

im also mad/sad cause luke didnt want to do his project with me. i bet ill get a better mark anyways...SUCKA

4:43 p.m. - 2005-02-14


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