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i'll talk to you tomorrow

td was pretty fun, i was very dissapointed to see that the turtles were not in the ponds in the gardens. we went to game and dressed derek in emo clothes, he was cute...then uhmm other stuff, and some random on the bus who asked what derek was drinking haha...we ended up going to melanies then to my house to play nintendo, and eat..and then the oc. i felt uncomfortable, cause im so...talkative and they werent..
im probably making melanie so mad, all i do is complain about guys haha..must be lame to listen to,..but they make me so upset...i dont even know why, its probably not even worth making a deal out of it, but just those sort of things upset me..i dont know why people have to lie, i mean if you dont want to hang out tell me, i rather that then finding out you did nothing and i actually thought otherwise..i got ditched haha it sucks..but i guess im just causing "drama"..
tomorrow i have to finish up the info on morocco, another thing i got ditched on! frick! your loss, im good at these type of things suckass..

11:48 p.m. - 2005-02-17


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