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well well well,
my brother bought hair stuff..and he did patches blond, it looks really goood i think, like in the back..he looks like the guy from senses fail, with shorter hair?..its like emo haha, but he says its punk rock, cause hes punk rock, till death..but its cool, so i decided i would die mine, so i did to chuncks sorta underneath each side, and under my bangs kinda, but its like...a blondish goldish and i dont like it, and it didnt turn out really how i though it would, and you can see it through the top hair and looks just like streaks, and i didnt want blond streaks!
cant wait till the summer till melanie can cut my hiar..
frick all my brothers friends are over playing starwars, like 6 of them...and its 2 player HOW DUMB
i burnt my shoulder straightening my hiar.
i did like..and random ballroom dance thing in dance class. and i was like WTF...and shes like NO TALKING.
....anyways uhh SPENCERS at school tomorrow, i think. and taylor! im excited to see them, maybe spencer will eat lunch with me. or austin! tehee
i love my auntie, shes actually the coolest ever

10:41 p.m. - 2005-02-22


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