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i woke up early today to finish my la project and missed my school bus and my other bus and came late to school. but kendall was on the bus and shes really nice, but i dont really know her?...uhh then i found out the article wasnt even due today. like frick..
the rest of the day went by really fast...uhh almost to fast? like there was no objective of beeing there. really, no point at all, by the time i got something out the bell rang.
anyways....walked with sam eric melissa and chad to the pizza place and me chad and melissa got a ride home with dione...i left right away though and met pam and we walked around woodman for a bit, took the bus to chinook HAHAHA and then we were walking down this hill and it was so muddy and i just hear going "my feet" and both shoes are fully stuck in the mud haha i felt so bad, they were sooo muddy.. we ate then shopped in grownup stores then went to meet mel. we went to 17th..i really want some new shoes, slip ons and flats. and a skirt
and capris, im to big for all my old ones..
anyways americas next top model is on
later skater

7:06 p.m. - 2005-03-02


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