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well, busy crazyish day..
i cant believe what happend between luke and spencer and kiel. like actually i never thought that would actually happen.. i dont really think anything about it, well i dont know i just feel for both sides you know? but i dont know..kiel was totally avoiding luke..he can really be mean sometimes..like they can all still be friends, just not like close..but atleast talk?..kiel can be so mean if theres one thing he doesnt like about you..
anyways school was pretty lame, i ate lunch with sam robbie and kory and those guys, they are so funny..then went to starbucks with katie.. they assembly was ok, i sat by mike and clayton and we played i spy, clayton was so surprised kiel didnt get up and dance hahaha, ahh claytons funny..
math was boring, the boy behind me got in trouble cause mr.sherry thought he was talking to ellie..haha i dont even think he knows her, but after he came up and apologized for sending me out before and it was his mistake..it was nice haha,
anyways yeah, dance tonight, then the oc, im thinking of starting to run every night when i come home from dance, because recitals starting and..yeah im not really as fit like the other girls
i feel so bad for robbie <3<3 i hope talking to ellies mom goes ok, he seems so sad and stressed at school, im going to go hangout at his house this weekend so hes not so alone..
korys so funny
sams nice
katie rogers is the nicest person probably in wisewood.

5:14 p.m. - 2005-03-03


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