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with my one last grasping breath..

Iím just a bad actor stuck with a shitty script
All of my lines are cheap and the cast is weak
There was no music for the first time I got kissed
There was no femme fatal my mistress wasn't rich
So Iíve been formatted to fit your TV screen
The film went straight to tape
I'll bow out quietly

last night was fun haha i mostly hung out with delany, rhyss little sister...she was cool man! haha i made her go to bed though. that card game we played was funny.
melanie was funny
haha uhhhh i went to mcdonalds with scott and mope was working! he is so friendly, i bet hes the best emplyee there! haa me and my brother were singing to tbs, really good? cause he was main and i was the second singer..ahaha anyways.. i dance again, and then i dont know, pam?katie?robbie?sam?melanie?kellan? jabdhjbsfhb

2:02 p.m. - 2005-03-05


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