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people are spaz cases.
ahh i saw luke tonight! i was so excited, i was so sad i was leaving when he came though, frickk..
anyways dance was, haha lame? we spent the whole time doing or goas thing and partner work, and theres only so many classes left.
i came home and went to melanies and we caught the bus to ..i dont know where, to go see the ghost cried murder. they were really good, gerri is really good.
after we went with austin and his friend courtney downtown and threw china town to kins house. courtney was really nice, and funny. kins was ok, it was very smoky hah, but derek duncan was there! and hes so cute!..and derek kashhh was there..
and yes it was cool, his house was saweet.
we got a ride home from dereks friend seb. hes realllly nice, and funny. thanks! haha
anyways yeah i have to go!!!!!!!!
nice seeing you luke, for the whole, ten seconds.

12:44 a.m. - 2005-03-13


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