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711! lets go to 711!!

hey yo,
uhmmm my day was okish pretty goodish?..
7:00: get woken up
7:15: still sleeping
7:45: wake up
8:10: missed my bus! but got ride with dad
8..uhh 45? english
...uhh math
....uhhm tourism?
after school i walked with taylor and spencer to their house. i havent really hung out with them or been to their house in soo long man!!..but yes the walk was nice, a little chilly.. we ate craft dinner there, it was really good!! mmm.. but i think i left my shakespeare book there! cause i was reading passages from it.. OHNONONO and i have to do notes on it, and i have a seminar? thing ..
i stole taylors id though, so.. .
uhmm yes we also played nintendo and this other game where you just watch things. i feel really bad cause i notice how much i beat on them. i probably dont hurt them, but like, ...im like..
teacher interviews went alright, me and my mom talked about it last night and i missed dance so it was all good, she also said if i passed she would get me a cell phone.

aww i saw johnston at the interviews! hes so nice, i always like talking to him..then theres the others i just wave to. haha well, i..
ahhh no school friday!!

6:26 p.m. - 2005-03-16


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