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fun day.
school was ok, i ended up taking the bus by my moms work cause i missed the school one. classes were boring and i spent my lunch in the library making notes for english cause i didnt have my book, wyatt came in and visited me, which was really nice. after school i just hung around with everone. they are all so funny and nice,..they all went through my wallet and i have both lukes and taylors id.!! i dont know how i got lukes! actually, well i probably took it but i seriously dont remember, it was so weird!...so we sat around and i invited johnston over..so we took the bus to mac's and got slurpees and chips, came home played star wars...then ate dinner (with the family) and im sorry johnston, my family is embarrasing!..then weeee played more starwars!..katie came over and got mad at us. cause all we did was play starwars then lay in my bed and wouldnt get up and going. but we went to rhyss and it was pretty fun. nicks fun to play with when im all hyper and stuff, were like sisters and brothers haha. then we picked up melanie and listened to some kelly clarkson then mel and johnston came over and we...you guessed it! played starwars! haha that game is so addicting. but it was a fun day! im glad i invited johnston over, hes so fun! but i think me and him are the laziest people ever.
mmmmmm im so tired!.... im so glad theres no school tomorrow.
im excited for the weekend! hopefully it will be exciting. and i will see lots of people on sat.
anyways. see ya baybeeee..

1:14 a.m. - 2005-03-18


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