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thirst buster

certian people are on my nerves, like boys.
anyways last night i went to the taste of caos with the crew (which i think is in the renaming process).. it was pretty sweet because my brother traded us his floor tickets because his friend had a hernia and cant stand. i felt kind of bad, i think he really wanted to be down there..but i think he went down during the end?..
there were lots of cute boys there, and the bands really good, senses fail<3<3<3 and yes haha i hit head with some guy because of those dumb people that charge at everyone, and it hurt really bad. i was getting so mad at those effing bitches in their halter tops jumping up and down with their hair in your face. me and melanie pushed them all, she was tough, for being so little. we mad a cool hand thing if we go with this one crew name. haha
today i slept in which was nice. i missed to class and was pissed off because i thought they were math and english but it was my options. EFF.
then yes here i am. melanie died her hair? and its really short? i think shes lieing..its bull? cause she told me what she was doing yesterday..
but maybe she did?

2:04 p.m. - 2005-03-24


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