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would it make you less sad...?

so things pretty much never work out for me.
ughh, the same thing just keeps on happining to me. and its pretty lame.
i was kinda stoked on spring break, and hanging out with certian people, but in this short time things have hit this total curve ball? i dont know..
boys are..

today i went to the mall with my mommm and got capris, and books. when i was telling johnston and other boys about it they sounded like porno books .."girls on film" haha its not!!!! its like, k frick..
katie came over with johnston, and we played nintendo...we went to get slurpeeees and johnstons friends came and met us? so we drove around with them.. i like them, they are all crazy and dangerous. its thrilling, i love doing fun stuff like that.. later we came home and dave mike and kellan came over? it was a nice surprise..totally random? but they are cooool. they all left with kellan except johnston, and we just sat around..watched some hilary duff..then i walked him to go meet derek.
easter bunny tomorrow.
uhmm i hope i have an ok spring break, and something out of the blue happens.

everyone has these like, wonderful things happening to them and im still waiting.
nothing will ever happen.
no stones.. i hate pretending

1:04 a.m. - 2005-03-27


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