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soul train

im in kinda a shitty mood..
lately things havent been going to well. im kinda worried. actually alot, about certian people..i hope they are ok, or will be ok..
and school is pretty gay too, i dont know what im going to do, but everyday is so hard to go to school, its just so effed up and math just makes me so frustraited.
Ive been really mean to friends lately. but i always get so upset over them. i hate when people are like..yo just whatever forget about it, you shouldnt care. well i do, and i dont just forget about things, little things make me mad or sad, and just, i dont know.
theres to many things on my mind and its make me frustraited.
i love dance right now though
i go in next week for my knee. i hope theres actually something wrong with it, so something can actually be fixed and it wont hurt anymore.
soul trains oN! later

12:54 a.m. - 2005-04-10


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