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school was better today.
well not classes..
i forgot to go to tutorial for design, but i finished my "cloud city collector shop" starwars store front..then in tourism i worked on my Cloud city resort hotel. i think im just excited for star wars 3 and camping out and watching the very first screening and being with melanie.
lunch was cooool, i havent hung out with taylor for a long time just me and him. we went to subway and he was acting really shy. cause of girls. what a wussy.
i didnt want to go to math, and i was trying to make taylor not go either, but he went so i went. and good thing cause i did really good on my test. haha which is good because im doing so awful!
people on msn are weirding me out!
track practice tomorrow!
dance tonight.
work tomorrow.
dance practice at jewish center. haha haha..
uhmmm i..uhh yeah
luke needs to start swearing.

4:43 p.m. - 2005-04-12


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