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danced again
it was alright
im scared though..
doctors appointment tomorrow for knee..
im kinda frustraited with things, and how i try and do things and they never work out but then it happens and im not involved in any of it.
ugh, im so mad about this weekend. i hate making plans and people being mad. exspecially me.
i guess i will just hang out with mel and katie, they are always good fun

i dont get it..
i dont get dance either..
and where the hell is my fucking schedule.
and why the f did the beverly center have to give me a job

i hate when things kinda dissapear, and when it starts to come back everything has to be really shitty again.
I hate are you afraid of the dark, and those people that never really talk to you enless they actually need something from you

im excited for the powwow tomorrow now. screw everyone else

11:53 p.m. - 2005-04-14


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