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today was a good day.
so i got my phone
then i came home and yeah and yeah.. katie came over and we drove around and..then picked up melanie and yeah hah got some krispy kreme and ended up taking out mels moms tank. jk mel its not a tank..its just a little obese..but uh yeah we ended up picking up max and luke peeing then going to kelseys where i go yelled at and everyone was acting gay. so we peaced with max and luke and raced some guy? it was fun/funny
when we dropped off luke we called him a nigga and was like YOU FORGOT YOUR JOINT haha, it was tightttt..
hes chilling with us next weekend, hopefullly. luke can be so tight, and fun..
im excited for next weekend now.
but i work.
i feel like those friends that had my back dont anymore? like i had some really good friends. or a really good friend. dont get me wrong were still tight, but i dont feel the same vibes from them and i dont know, it feels like we feel apart and like i dont have that support anymore.
im kinda really disliking how things are going. period. i havent been myself lately and being at kelseys almost made me cry. i dont know what i did wrong for all those people to be mean, and mean to my friends..
i like the car crew. weve gotten really tight, but the thing is, all the times weve been together, there is always a member missing in action. ..weve only been actual car crew once.
first max-camp
now jdawg

1:04 a.m. - 2005-04-17


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